JCHS at a Glance

(Pending the strategic planning process anticipated for 2014/2015 school year, the Board President and Head, in consultation with the Board and senior management team, crafted the following statements to best reflect the JCHS “mission” as of August 2012)
Mission: The JCHS mission is to be a premier learning community for Jewish high school students integrating deep learning, universal wisdom, and the enactment of Jewish values toward empowering each student to delight in lifelong learning, deepen her or his unique Jewish identity, generate empathy and compassion, and improve the world.
As expressed in this mission:
• “Deep learning” represents learning that is intrinsically motivated and is the result of complex thinking, collaborative practice, integration, and reflection. It is both grounded in concrete knowledge and infinite in application.
• “Universal wisdom” represents wisdom inclusively drawn from across disciplines, cultures, and history – whether secular, religious, or Jewish. Universal wisdom honors diverse viewpoints derived from common values.
• “Jewish values” represents those values that are drawn from, but not necessarily exclusively identified with, the Jewish tradition – a tradition that is diverse and represented by many voices.

Why Choose Jewish Community High School of the Bay?

Strategy: To accomplish these goals over the next ten years, JCHS must:

• Become a whole school for the whole student by continuing to focus on students – empowering their unique potential and experiences and coaching them toward integrating the diverse elements on their individual paths for growth and learning
• Attract and utilize the best resources – faculty, leadership, and financial – needed to exemplify and sustain this vision. This includes adding a gymnasium and lifetime fitness center for the school and community and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) center for the school.
• Strengthen a shared vision through alignment of strategic planning with operations and implementation in the classroom and beyond.
• Become a leading model for teen learning and imagining the Jewish future within and beyond the Bay area.
The Jewish Community High School of the Bay (JCHS) is a San Francisco private high school providing a college preparatory curriculum and an extensive enrichment program including the arts, athletics, college advising, community service, and experiential education.
Jewish Community High School of the Bay
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JCHS is grateful for generous operational, programmatic, and financial aid support from the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund; The Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay; Keren Keshet - The Rainbow Foundation; and The AVI CHAI Foundation.