Social Media Newscorps

The Social Media Newscorps offers the world a unique view of the JCHS community as seen through students' eyes.
Coordinated by the Marketing Office, the Social Media Newscorps is a group of students who cover events such as Shabbaton, Sukkot, Spirit Week, the Existentialism Trials, Journeys, Purim, Yom HaAtzma’ut, and Graduation as well as arts performances, athletic events, and daily classroom life for JCHS social media streams.

While on assignment, students take over an official JCHS channel on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Live, and provide their view and reportage to the wider community. Through this experience, we aim not only to increase social media coverage of JCHS life, but also educate students about the value of and best practices for social media use, as well as improve their marketing and communications skills.

JCHS students also participate in crowd-sourced social media projects such as the #UtahChavrutah Instagram project, in which students are assigned to post photos fulfilling certain prompts to a shared Instagram account during the JCHS Sophomore Journey to Las Vegas and Zion National Park.



Social Media Guidelines

When engaging with social media, we ask all students to consider whether their material meets the following three criteria before posting:
  1. Respect. Is it appropriate, respectful of others?
  2. Consent. Do you have permission to post? If you’re unsure, then ask. 
  3. Quality. Is it good?
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