Theater Tech at JCHS

With JCHS’ state of the art lighting and sound control systems, our students experience hands-on control of the lighting and sound designs of our shows.
Student tech crew members have the opportunity to use a level of technology that allows for tremendous flexibility and creativity in their designs. Multiple lighting control systems enable our lighting design students to master professional techniques used in theaters worldwide. Allen & Heath and Mackie sound systems provide our sound design students with the ability to create any soundscape, sound effect, or score they can imagine.

Under the guidance of our theater's technical director, JCHS students design and run a variety of events, from musicals to dramas to play festivals. They acquire experience ranging from basic carpentry skills necessary to construct sets to a fundamental understanding of lighting and sound systems, basic color theory and the elements of good sound design. The expertise they gain in our theater tech program serves them as they move on to technical production opportunities in college and commercial arenas.
Avima contributed outstanding work to the March for Science SF, working side by side with a team of wizened, road-hardened pro audio and video engineers from our rental vendors, and learn more about large event equipment, safety, and speaker configurations. She worked with our crew to set up four raised speaker clusters, a complex 6-mix environment, wireless intercoms, and a video wall truck at Justin Herman Plaza, and then bravely took off for Civic Center Plaza with a partner to set up and test a second sound system in an inflatable dome used for performances and panel discussions. With her AV partner, she successfully mixed music, discussion, and wireless Q/A mics from noon til 5:30 pm. She is early in her tech career, but I can tell that she knows how to work as part of a team and has good ideas--that will take her far in tech theatre and any other endeavors of her choosing.

-- Ben Stiegler, March for Science Technical Producer
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