Day of Art - June 2, 2020

Ashira Bloom '20

Ashira Bloom ’20
Materials & Methods Class
Instructor: Jennifer Sturgill

"The Ephemerality of the Creative Process"
An AP Studio Art Inquiry

When people look at this piece I hope they notice the smaller figures as well as the big figure. I want them to question the relationship between the two entangled drawings and wonder if they are more whole together or apart.
My goal was to spark conversation about how our own bodies effects those around us. I believe that the broken down drawings and the references to a forest or jail bars synthesizes this message and stimulates curiosity about the roles we take in each other’s lives.
Just as the big figure is the center of the drawing, we each are the center of our own universes but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I would like the viewer to consider that it would impossible to be at the center of the universe without the existence of others.
    • Ashira Bloom '20, "We Feel Together," Paper and charcoal

    • Ashira Bloom '20, “Creative Conversation,” Tracing paper, charcoal, paint

    • Ashira Bloom '20, “Daily Lullaby,” Paper, charcoal, paint

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