Day of Art - June 2, 2020

Didi Miller '20

Didi Miller ’20
AP Studio Art Class
Instructor: Jennifer Sturgill
"Inquiry: UNCUT"

My inquiry was sparked by a repeating trend of impulsive behavior, which apexed with my punching a hole in a wall at my school. I wasn't angry, I wasn't distraught, I just thought it'd be fun. Instead of letting this event blow over and be forgotten, I wanted to use it as a springboard in understanding my impulsive nature, and how it lends a hand to my creative process. How is impulsivity seen to the outside world, and how is understood internally? The debris and chaos on the backside of Image 1 (Walled Out) reflects the damages and hassle that the outside world sees, whereas the smooth, untroubled front represents the flexibility and dynamism of the individual, me.

The materials I chose and manipulated reflect my driving inquiry: Does my creativity and growth depend on my impulsive tendencies? All of my works play around the theme of contrast: 2D and 3D, open and closed spaces, the interaction of malleability and rigidity. I interpret the malleable qualities of wax and wire metaphorically as the individual (me) being pushed and pulled by rigid institutional demands as represented by drywall and wood. Wax and wire melt and bend, where wood and drywall split and break. I used crude, construction-like materials to allude to repairs, fines, and disciplining, the physical costs of institutional confrontation. The potential for internal growth which these confrontations might yield are characterized by the more sensual and dynamic materials.
    • Didi Miller '20, "Balancing Evils," Plaster, Wood, Steel Wire, 2020

    • Didi Miller '20, "Walled Out 1," Drywall, Wood, Wire, AP Studio Art 2019

    • Didi Miller '20, "Walled Out 1," Drywall, Wood, Wire, AP Studio Art 2019

    • Didi Miller '20, casting a mold of his hand for AP Studio Art project

    • Didi Miller '20, "Untitled," Wax, Wire, Ink on Paper, AP Studio 2019

    • Didi Miller '20, "Untitled," Wax, Wire, Ink on Paper (detail), AP Studio 2019

    • Didi Miller '20 creating "Balancing Evils"

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