Day of Art - June 2, 2020

Zoe Moskowitz '20

Zoe Moskowitz '20
Sculpture Class
Instructor: Jennifer Sturgill

"A Few of My Favorite Things" Photo Assignment
1.    Red Coca Cola T-Shirt This shirt is significant to me in a number of ways as it is my favorite shirt. Coca-Cola is written in Hebrew and I bought this shirt the first time I went there, so it reminds me of my favorite place in the world. Its also red which is our JCHS class color, and I always wear it during Spirit Games.

2.     Lacrosse Stick I use this stick when I play my favorite sport, lacrosse. One reason I play is because my dad got me started and we’ve really bonded over the years playing the sport.

2.     Psych discs These discs contain my favorite TV show, Psych. My sisters and I love watching the show together and hearing each other laugh at all the jokes. We also have lots of inside jokes in reference to this show.

3.     My Life Next Door I love to read, and this is my favorite book. I’ve read it at least 5 times and its story really transports me to another reality where I can experience a range of emotions just from words on a page.

4.     Sailboat This sailboat is the last material thing I have of my grandmother who died last year. It’s significant to me because it reminds me of what she would always say to me— that I can go wherever I want in life as long as I continue to work towards it.

5.     Raiders Hat I am obsessed with football, my favorite team being the raiders. Their fan based is really passionate and a little crazy, and every game is heart-wrenching. Watching the games always remind me that I should find things and people in my life that make me as happy as when I watch football.

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