Program created to honor local day school grad who died in nature

Earlier this year, the JCHS community honored Yonim’s memory by planting this crabapple tree in our courtyard. As a new planting, the tree was not expected to put out flowers this spring, and yet… in a powerful echo of Yonim's beautiful soul, it is now in full bloom. As Rabbi Ruben said, “These blossoms might express more than is possible to put into words about his enduring inspiration and blessing. Yonim and his family are in our hearts.”

Founded in memory of Class of 2017 member Yonim Schweig,  the Einayich Yonim (“your eyes are doves”) Fellowship offers Jewish high school students a way “to learn to see with new eyes. To see themselves. To see others. To see the natural world. And it is a place to find their inner strength. To work on themselves. To impact their communities and to take part in caring for the future.”  The 18-month program highlighted in an article this week by, J. The Jewish News of Northern California includes monthly seminars on Jewish ecology, group discussions about Torah and environmental challenges, and workshops on skills such as mindfulness techniques and communication across differences.

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