Micah F., Class of 2012
Often when I look at a situation, I see certain things that can be easily improved or fixed, especially with the use of common technology. When Ms. Russell approached Noah Goldstein and myself with the need for a “virtual callboard” (which is a place where meeting times and other announcements are posted) we took it upon ourselves to make one for ourselves. Having scoured the internet for software that met our specific needs we decided to use a solution called Google Apps. To make a long story short, we were able to customize it so that the cast and crew of Metamorphosis are able to share documents among themselves, make announcements to the whole group, and when Ms. Russell makes changes to the calendar, they are visible immediately. This streamlines the entire process and reduces the confusion level among company members considerably.

When we’re at school and doing this kind of stuff it’s one thing, but being in another country with someone else’s equipment is another thing. In effect, two versions of this play have to be made: One that is made to perform in the JCHS theater, and another that is made to perform with less props, less scenery, and can be adapted to fit onto whatever stage we are assigned at the festival. Although this may not seem like that monumental of a task, it essentially means that we have to re-choreograph the entire show, I have to re-think the lighting for the entire show, which makes things challenging from both the acting and tech sides. However, there is no doubt in my mind that this company of extremely talented people can handle it.

I should probably talk about what we’re doing in tech right now. Basically, we are experimenting with various cool tricks and techniques including using what’s called a scrim, various projections, and other things of that nature. Once we have a completed script, then we can start working on lighting design and sound design and building the sets. So that’s where we are right now and I hope you all are planning on coming to see the show!
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