Getting Ready for An Evening in Edinburgh

Sophie M., Class of 2012
When I found out that the JCHS theater department had been chosen to participate in the Fringe Festival in Scotland this summer, I didn't even consider the possibility of trying out. I had never been in a non-musical show at JCHS and I definitely did not think I was an experienced enough actress to take part in such an intense production. As the audition date began to near, though, I thought about how amazing of an experience it would be to go to Scotland and to put on a show for anyone to see. I knew there was absolutely no guarantee that I would get in but I decided to give it a shot and see what happened. For the audition, each person trying out was told to prepare a monologue of their choice and we were informed that an email would be sent out within the next week or so with the list of selected students. After what seemed like months, an email came from Ms. Russell with a list of the actors who had been chosen to participate in the production and I couldn't believe it when I saw my name on that list.
In the months between getting selected and actually starting rehearsal for the production, the company met at lunches to discuss fundraising ideas and become familiar with the play we would be performing: an adaptation of Franz Kafka's book, Metamorphosis. Barely anyone in the company had ever heard of it and upon hearing the plot, we were just more confused! As the months progressed, however, we began to understand the plotline more and more and no one could wait until March when we finally got to start the rehearsal process.

For the past month, the company has been meeting every Thursday at lunch to brainstorm and plan fundraisers, as well as meeting every day after school to rehearse the play. We began rehearsals by reading the graphic novel and other adaptations of Metamorphosis, coming up with ideas for certain scenes, and playing around with the text. We learned about the Warsaw Ghetto (we will be performing the show as if we are Jews in the Warsaw ghetto putting on a play), and worked with the company "Word for Word", who is helping us put together a unique script.

The first fundraiser we have planned is on Thursday, April 14th (please come!) - "An Evening for Edinburgh". Each member of the company will be performing either a song, scene, poetry, stand-up, or a musical piece. In the months leading up to our trip we will continue to plan more fundraisers to help us reach our goal of about $2000. We can't wait to continue fundraising and hope to see you all on Thursday!
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