Block, Memorize, Perform, Repeat. . .

Renee M., Class of 2013
After being in five plays at JCHS I’ve grown accustom to a steady routine of script, blocking, memorization, tech week, performance, recuperation. When Ms. Russell first told us that we would be adapting our own script from a book I’ve never read I knew that my steady routine would be thrown out and replaced with uncertainty. While I was scared, I knew that with this group, we could pull it off.
Up until now the “working” script and that insecurity of this process has helped more than hindered. Because of this freedom we literally can do anything we want, we are no longer just fit into the role of actor, writer, director, tech member. There is fluidity between all of these positions. The over all flexibility of this play also helps our cast bond. For example, I am ¼ of a full character. Over the past few weeks the 3 other parts of this bug and myself have grown as one untied force seamlessly and with more laughter then I thought possible. We have to blend together both in out bodies and language. Having to share your own personal bubble with 3 other people until 8 o’clock every night forces you to become friends, or be miserable (and no one wants that).

Overall, I’m very excited to be part of this production because of the bonds I’ve made through negotiation flexibility and overall awesomeness of this process.
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