I Am a Caterpillar

Avram R. '19
My name is Avram Rosenzweig, and I am a Caterpillar. 

Today I probably went to breakfast and ate food with some non-Caterpillar people. I can't really remember, too tired.

Then, we went and saw a show inspired by Hamlet about 12 year old murderers and suicide over a theater club. Honestly, why is it called a drama and not a sob story--even the theater mask is crying. Anyway the show was pretty good. Then we all got on a bus and got some food at different places on the Royal Mile, which I ate. Turns out it's a hamburger not a road, which I would say is a bit confusing.

Now after all that hoopla came the main event, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo! It was the best thing I have seen in my life. Fireworks, cannons, loud music, hundreds of soldiers from all around the world, singing, dancing bagpipes, guitar, solos, war reenactments, explosions, gun shots, light shows, a samurai duel and a flaming ship--honestly what else can you want in life? I personally went into the parade feeling like a kid on his birthday, but I came out like a groupie who just got to hold Kanye's water bottle. Not only were there Scottish and English soldiers, but also combatants from France, Scandinavia, the Shetland Isles, Japan, and of course, USA. USA! USA! It was pouring rain throughout most of the show, but honestly that just added to the fun.

It's 1:00 am here now, so I should probably go to sleep but that was a really good day. I might have left a few things out due to exhaustion, but I can't really remember. Good night.
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