Senior Keystone Project

As a culmination of their high school education, the Keystone Project invites JCHS seniors to take ownership of their learning, both in and out of school.

In developing and presenting year-long individual projects, students reflect upon their Jewish and secular studies, and their roles in both their immediate community and the larger world.

The Keystone learning experience is not only meaningful, but also practical: students polish their research and time-management skills, as well as hone their abilities in critical and creative thinking, communicating, and problem-solving.  Through the Keystone Project, students demonstrate what they have learned about being a “scholar-citizen.”

Keystone Projects emphasize:

  • Depth over breadth: Projects focus on a single, narrow topic
  • Innovative thinking: Projects require original and creative approaches 
  • Sustained effort over time: Students spend about two hours each week on their projects, from September to May
  • Deep learning: Students apply both a secular and Jewish lens to their topic exploration, and consider how the different parts of their identities shape their approaches to their topic
  • Purpose: Projects must be in service of something greater, and must provide direct benefits to students’ targeted groups