The Freshman Journey: Brandeis Bardin as a team.

Maorr Z.
When  I woke up on Monday morning, I realized that the day that I had been  waiting for all year had finally arrived; the day that I get to  experience my first JCHS Journey with the Class of 2014. While waiting  for the bus to pick us up from JCHS, I noticed that people were still in  their same usual groups that I see them in every day. I thought to  myself, "Why don't we mix this up a bit?" I walked over to where our  bags were and started playing my guitar. Immediately my classmates began  to flock over, and soon enough, all these groups who had previously  been mingling on their own were coming together and singing along with  me. It was a very powerful moment seeing that we all had this in common,  and the trip had hardly begun!
After the bus ride down to  Brandeis Bardin Institute in Los Angeles, we went straight to dinner,  ate with our friends, and went to our cabins for bed. The next morning  after waking up we learned that we would be doing a ropes course, an activity  I was especially excited for. We walked through two freezing cold  streams of water and a horse-stable, and finally made it to the Alpine  Tower- a combination of rock-walls, ladders, and various other climbing  apparatuses. After cheering on all my of my fellow classmates, it was  turn on the tower. As I started to climb, I thought back on my previous  experiences with rock-walls (and let’s just say there weren't the best).  I reached the middle of the tower, and felt compelled to descend. As  the thoughts went through my head, I heard my peers calling out to,  telling me I could do it. I knew right away that with their support, I  could make it to the top. Once I reached the top, I looked down at  everyone and thought that if they could help me to reach the top here,  then we can all help each other reach the top of anything and  everything. Going on this Journey has driven home a fact that I already  knew- my class is the best group of people that I could ask for, and I  trust and respect every single one of them more than the next.

Freshmen Journey Toward Community and Identity
Southern California
March 21- 25, 2011
JCHS students traveled to a retreat center outside of Los Angeles to explore their own grade identity, to foster bonds and grade morale, and to explore issues and tensions that are normal parts of building and sustaining communities.
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