Crafting a Character

Everyone at JCHS is really looking forward to our winter comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest  by Oscar Wilde. We have an incredible director, an outstanding cast,  and the play itself is the pinnacle of the English language. The  characters speak with a certain quality of wit and sophistication.  Unlike some of our previous comedies, The Importance of Being Earnest  is a comedy of errors. While the characters may seem rigid and set in  their ways, much of the Victorian humor is drawn from a juxtaposition of  restrictive social expectations and the subversive actions these  characters take to undermine these restrictions. Subtle actions, such as  the way a character may cross their legs or use a fan, when taken to  the logical extreme are actually very funny.
Comedic  acting is definitely my strength. It is easier for me than dramatic  acting, and I’m a big fan of comedies in general. I like to think of  myself as a funny individual off the stage, but in a different kind of  way. Crafting a character in a comedy takes more work than crafting  characters in dramatic productions, but the character choices I’ve made  in The Importance of Being Earnest have been very  fluid and natural. I’ve really enjoyed creating a character that is both  funny and sophisticated, and I think audiences will really enjoy the  characters in this play.

The theatre program here at JCHS is truly  incredible. When I was applying to high schools, I didn’t have theatre  in mind when I looked at JCHS. However, as a freshman, I gave it a try  and it ended up being a great experience! When I first started as a  student here, the theater had just been built, and I think we’ve done a  fantastic job putting it to use with some great productions through  these years. Our director Ms. Russell is amazing; we really couldn’t  have a better director. I am sure that I will benefit in the future from  having such an amazing director in high school. She pulls off every  show with tremendous poise and style, and she is a valued member of our  community.

I hope I can continue to pursue acting in the future  after I graduate from JCHS this spring. I am very interested in show  business, and I would certainly go so far as to say that I would like to  make it part of my life. My plans beyond college aren’t too clear, but I  hope that comedy can be a big part of my future. I really hope everyone  in the JCHS community comes out to see our shows. We have a great  theatre department that is getting better every year, so I hope everyone  can out and support us!
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