Hip Hop Happenings

Perri D.
Without  a doubt, being a part of the JCHS hip-hop dance team has been one of  the highlights of my time in high school. I really enjoy having the  opportunity to dance with my fellow students and help establish a strong  dance program here at JCHS. I have been dancing since the first grade,  but I only began doing hip-hop dance four years ago when I joined a  competitive hip-hop dance squad called “Divine” that competed against  other local dance teams. Dance (especially hip-hop dance) is not easy,  and you really have to be born with a certain feel for it. You have to  be able to understand the choreography and make it look good at the same  time. One thing that I really love about the JCHS dance team is that we  can add our own style and flair to what we do!
Our  team has a fantastic coach who provides us with many opportunities for  success. She does an excellent job working with us to make sure we learn  the choreography and to make sure we are the best dancers we can be.  Another benefit of being a part of the dance team is the great  friendships that come out of working so closely with your classmates in a  non-academic setting. Being part of a team like this is a unique and  special opportunity that you definitely wouldn’t be able to have at  other high schools.

If I were to name a high point for my time on  the dance team, it would definitely be the moments right before our  performances when the excitement and anticipation are palpable and the  crowd is cheering for your dance to begin. I also really love the times  when our team gets together at lunch to go over our dances, and of  course, performing at the halftime show of a Warriors game last year was  absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had. I hope that we  will be able to have more great shows in the future.

Being part of  the dance team is really a fantastic opportunity, and I encourage other  students to not be afraid and give it a try! We have dancers of all  skill levels and it is a fantastic way to meet students from all grade  levels. It’s an absolute blast and I look forward to practice every day!
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