Back to My Roots

Evan F.
As  an eighth grader at Marin Brandeis last year, I had a great opportunity  to come to San Francisco one weekend and attend a basketball clinic  with my teammates and members of the JCHS Basketball team. I didn’t have  a lot of experience playing basketball prior to this, or really an  interest in sports- I had joined the team on a whim after making a  3-pointer!
Participating  in the clinic last year definitely helped me with my rebounding and  passing skills. That is why I was so excited when Coach Kjar came to the  team and asked if anyone was interested in helping with this year’s  clinic.

On Sunday December 12, I went with Coach Kjar and three of  my teammates to the Buchannan Street YMCA where we met up with  basketball teams from my alma mater- Marin Brandeis, and Oakland Hebrew  Day School. My teammates and I helped lead various warm-ups like  sprinting, grapevine, and skipping- standing in front as examples in  case the younger players got confused. After this, all the players  rotated between stations that taught them different skills. I was  “coaching” the rebounding station with Coach Tobarez from Marin Brandeis  and Jonathan, one of my teammates.

Getting the chance to give  back at this event after learning so much last year was great! I also  really enjoyed seeing my friends from middle school, as well as my old  coach, and showing them all the skills I had learned in the short time  since this season began. I even picked up a few new tips myself that  day!

Hopefully the middle schoolers at the basketball clinic were  able to learn a bit from us on Sunday, and maybe some of them will even  be on our team next year!
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