Volleyball Victories

Sharon A.
This  year at school, my sophomore year, I am taking a number of really great  classes. I am in Talmud I Advanced, Tanach II Advanced, Introduction to  Studio Art, Chemistry Advanced, Hebrew Literature and Culture, English  10, and Algebra II Advanced. In addition to these classes though, I am  also a member of the varsity volleyball team.
I am an outside hitter, meaning that I play on the left side of the court. Last year when I was a freshman, our team fought had for our  playoff position and ended the season on a good note, becoming the first  JCHS volleyball team to make it to the playoffs. This year, we have  grown as a team, and we are a cohesive and skilled group: we know how to  play and we know how to win. After much practice, skill development,  and overall improvement, we had an amazing season, undefeated in our  league, and sailed straight to playoffs.

One of my favorite memories of this season is of going out to dinner with the team after  defeating Kehillah 3-0 in the annual Kiddush Cup tournament. We had so  much fun bonding during dinner while eating family-style from a  multitude of delicious Chinese dishes. Everyone still had so much energy  from the excitement of winning the game!

Our team has been not  only a winning machine but also a support system. We motivate each other  to be the best we can be on and off the court. After two seasons, our  team has not only become more skilled, but has also grown closer. We  have developed strong friendship, and this, in turn, has made us a  better team. 
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