Clubs and Classes

A conversation with Boris S.
JCHS: Hi Boris!  It looks like sophomore year is off to a great start!  What have you been up to so far?

Boris:  I have been really excited about Chemistry this year–all the formulas  and hands-on labs intrigue me.  At the Club Fair where students can join  a number of different student-run clubs, I signed up for both Yearbook  and Social Club.  They are both a big part of my agenda.
JCHS: Social club sounds like a lot of fun!  What sorts of things have you been planning?

Boris:  We have been doing a lot to get ready for the Shabbaton, which is a  three-day retreat for the whole school to Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma  at the end of October.  One specific part I have been working on is  helping to plan the dance that will take place on Saturday night.

JCHS:  Sounds great!  It seems like JCHS is able to have a good mixture of fun  and focused academics.  Can you tell us a little about what you are  working on in your classes?

Boris: In my Talmud class, for Sukkot  we were assigned to create an edible Sukkah.  It was interesting to  think about the different components I wanted my Sukkah to have, and  also delicious!  In Chemistry, we are mixing chemicals to test our  predictions about whether or not they can dissolve, turn into solids,  etc.  

JCHS: Very exciting stuff, Boris!  Good luck with your predictions–we’ll let you get back to that!
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