Whole School Shabbat in Nature

Sally Khomikh, Class of 2014
The Shabbaton is a 3-day escape from busy schedules, stressful weeks, and obligations. Students, faculty and staff get together and embrace the magic of JCHS. Being a senior, nostalgia seems to be the theme of my year. And, as I stepped onto Walker Creek Ranch for my fourth and last time, I understood that JCHS is like no other place.

Looking around at both the familiar and new faces that surrounded me, I felt at home. During Saturday night’s celebration, I realized how special my grade truly is and how it has shaped the person I am today. As we danced together, with our arms around each other, I could feel the immense energy and strength we gave one another. Because, in that moment, nothing seemed to matter. College applications, SAT scores, homework... it all seemed to disappear. In that very moment, we were one unified group who didn’t want to let each other go. This is the power of the Shabbaton. It is a space where worries and fears fade away, while confidence and pride shines. Saturday night, I wanted nothing more than for that moment to last a little bit longer. I am so thankful to have had four incredible Shabbatons, and I can only hope that others find it as meaningful and magical as I do. Judgment is non-existent during this 3 day shabbat oasis, only possibilities of new relationships, new ideas, and new appreciations form and are brought back to everyday life.
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