Speaking 4 Languages

Mika Bekkerman '16
Being able to speak multiple languages has always been valued in my family. I was always told that it would get me far in life.
I remember being told I would be able to travel around the world, immerse myself in different cultures, and experience life through a variety of different perspectives. Growing up in a family of immigrants from Ukraine, all I knew was Russian. I read, wrote, spoke, and thought in Russian. Not long after, I was forced to learn English. English surrounded me; there was no way to avoid it. But in addition to not knowing English, my school offered a mandatory Spanish class. Therefore, I was learning Spanish and English more or less at the same, while freely speaking Russian at home. English quickly pulled ahead. I continued the Spanish class but it just wasn’t comparable to my English anymore. As I grew up, everything was centered around English. It got to a point where I was losing my Russian as well. Thank goodness for my grandmother, she did not let that happen. I was the future and she wanted her great-grandchildren to speak Russian. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Soon enough, I was a freshman at JCHS. I focused all my language learning capabilities on Hebrew.

As a current sophomore, I decided that I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to keep my Russian, my Spanish, my English, and now my Hebrew. I am far from fluent in both Spanish and Hebrew, but I will keep working towards changing that. I want to speak four languages. I want to understand and be understood, as well as value my family’s wishes. 
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