Coffee House: A Senior Looks Back

Paige Lerman '14
They say, before you die, the memories most important to you flash before your eyes. This may not have been death, but it most definitely felt like an end. I stood left of the stage waiting for what would be my fourth and final coffeehouse performance.
It turns out, they were right; the memories flashed. As I stood, waiting, just as nervous as I’d ever been to perform, I remembered what Coffeehouse was like as a freshman. What I thought of, however, wasn’t my performance. My flashback consisted of applause, congratulations, the embrace of my peers--the moments afterward during which I felt one small part of a much bigger whole. Every year, Coffeehouse inspires new collaborations and relationships. It equates to a whole that is so much greater than the parts.

This year, in addition to my performances, I took on a new role. As co-rosh, the planning of Coffeehouse gave me new insight into the greater impact of the night. Coffeehouse has always been a particularly exciting event at JCHS. The realization of our immensely talented student body harnesses a sense of community that is palpable. That palpability, that support and mutual understanding that is inspired throughout the night, is what makes it so meaningful. It’s what motivates me to perform every year. It brings students together, it ignites a spark that prompts them to share their amazing and unique talents, and for that, I’m extremely grateful. 
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