Field Day '14

Siena Hasson, '16
One of my first memories of being a student at JCHS was during Field Day my freshman year.
This was memorable because it gave me my first opportunity to make new friends and feel at home in high school. Field Day is an annual event held on the first Friday of the school year. This year the annual event once again met my high expectations of joyous celebration and activities.

 Once Friday approached I could immediately feel the excitement in the school, especially in the music which was being played by our own student DJ, Ophir W. There were many activities going on such as an arm wrestling contest, dancing, hula hooping, a volleyball game, ping pong.  At the start I watched an intense arm wrestling competition where students lined up to wrestle against one of our Hebrew teachers. Match after match our Hebrew teacher was unbeatable until finally one of our sophomores, Ethan S finally beat our teacher in a match! It was super exciting and intense! Soon after the arm wrestling match I sat with some friends next to the basketball court and watched the student against teacher’s basketball game. Students ran super-fast, yet teachers blocked and made great shots.  In the end, the Students came out with the win! After the basketball game, I made my way to the volleyball game, which was taking place on the terrace giving it a beach volleyball vibe.  Although we ended up bumping a few balls over the gate of our school, we all had a really great time serving and spiking. With these various activities involving students and teachers, it provides an awesome opportunity for teachers to become more approachable for students who may be shy or hesitant about communicating with staff members. Field day is a memorable experience and a great way to get out energy during the school day. Overall field day once again helped me connect with people at school and have a great time doing it!
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