Junior Journey: Shavua Tov

Shayna D., Class of 2018
On Shabbat in Tel Aviv, juniors on the Israel Journey met with the Palestinian founder of a Jewish-Arab dialogue project, sparking conversations about paths to peace. After havdalah, they welcomed Purim with a megillah reading.
Shavua Tov and Chag Purim Sameach from Tel Aviv!

We had such a lovely and relaxing Shabbat today. After a nice and late wake up, we had the opportunity to meet with Issam Sa’ad--a Palestinian man born in Gaza and currently living in the West Bank--who is working towards creating peace. He told us about what it was like to grow up with so much hatred towards the Jewish people, but then to realize that Jews are not bad people and the only way to make peace is to end the hatred.

The whole grade was truly inspired by his amazing work. He runs a summer camp that brings together Palestinian and Israeli youth to talk and learn from each other. His presentation definitely sparked a conversation and many of us spent time today thinking and talking about the path to peace. 

After the presentation we walked to the beach and had some free time to hang out and relax on the beach. It was a perfect Shabbat activity. After the beach we ate a delicious lunch at the hotel and then had a few hours of Shabbat menucha (rest). A group of us walked to the old Jaffa port and had a great time wandering around. We then participated in a beautiful havdalah service, saying goodbye to Shabbat and welcoming in a new week.

The end of Shabbat also marked the beginning of Purim so we all got to hear a Megillah reading. Some walked to an orthodox synagogue to hear a traditional reading while others heard a reform Megillah reading at our hotel. The reform reading was really fun and energetic.

We then got on the bus and went to a yummy meat dinner. After dinner we were all ready to get a good night's sleep. I can't wait for 
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