Junior Journey: Purim in Tel Aviv

Shayna D., Class of 2018
"During the Purim parade I really felt what it was like to be a part of a Jewish country..."
What an amazing Purim in Tel Aviv!

We started the day off with a bike ride along the beach. The view was beautiful everywhere we rode and biking gave us the chance to really take it all in. We made a few stops and a bunch of us climbed on the rocks and took pictures. Those who did not want to bike went to Aroma and hung out on the beach.

Afterwards we partied at an unbelievable Purim parade. We took 45 minutes to walk around and watch the parade. It was so much fun to see all the costumes. During the parade I really felt what it was like to be a part of a Jewish country. Back at home only the school and synagogue celebrate Purim and when I walk out onto the street in my costume, everyone thinks I'm crazy. But here, everywhere we looked it was Purim and everyone was happy and celebratory.

After the parade, we learned we were going to a special Purim feast. We weren't sure what to expect so we were all pleasantly surprised when we walked into a dance club. Once they had served our appetizers, the waiters and waitresses went on stage and serenaded us. At one point someone got up to dance and soon we all joined in. Almost everyone in the class partied on the dance floor until our main courses came. The staff even joined in the fun! Even when we were done eating, we continued dancing and nobody wanted to leave when they told us it was time to go.

We then headed to a different area in Tel Aviv for an art and culture tour. We learned from a photographer, a musician, and a dancer. Each experience was enlightening and it was so interesting to learn about a part of Tel Aviv that a lot of us did not know about.

For dinner some of the juniors met up with their family or friends, while the others went to Old Jaffa for free time. Afterwards, we partied the night away at a formal type dance in the basement of the hotel. We are all ready for a good nights sleep! 
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