Junior Journey: Finding Destiny at Masada

Shayna D., Class of 2018
"The Jewish people have survived for so long as a people because we control our own destiny."
Greetings from Jerusalem!

We woke up this morning and then walked to the base of Masada. We hiked up the snake path, which was much more challenging then a lot of us imagined. Even though we were all tired and hot and sweaty, we cheered each other on and bonded over the difficulty of the ascent.

Once we made it to the top, we had some time to rest in the shade and drink lots of water :) Shaia then led us on a tour of Masada, which was really interesting even for those who had done the tour before. My favorite part was at the end when he told us that the story of Masada is not one of defeat. Instead, it is the story of the Jewish people choosing their own fate. The Jewish people have survived for so long as a people because we control our own destiny.

Feeling inspired, we all got up and were delighted to hear that we were taking the cable car back down the mountain. While it was quite a squishy ride, the views were magnificent. We had some time to shop at the gift shop and the staff even bought us ice cream for being so well-behaved.

Afterwards we headed to the Dead Sea where we got lunch. We had some free time to float in the Dead Sea, bathe in the mineral baths, and go swimming in the pool. Afterwards we got on the bus and headed towards Jerusalem. We stopped at a beautiful overlook to take in the sights of Jerusalem. Despite the cold, we were all truly grateful to have finally made it to Jerusalem.

For dinner we went to a burger restaurant which we all enjoyed. Once back at the hotel we had short tribe meetings and it's now time for bed.

Good night! 
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