Junior Journey: Ascending Masada

Rabbi Dean Kertesz, Co-Dean of Students
Juniors made the ascent up Masada on the Junior Journey. Rabbi Kertesz reports on a day of discoveries.
Today we woke up to clear blue skies and lovely temperatures in the low '70's. So we began our ascent of Masada.

All but two students made the hike up the Snake Path and every student who started, made it to the top and felt a real sense of accomplishment. Our guide then led us on a tour of the site, its construction by Herod, its reputation as a pleasure palace in Roman times, as the last stronghold and the site of the mass suicide of the Zealots, and its place in the mythology of Zionism and the State of Israel.
After a rich and full morning we left Masada and drove to the Ein Gedi Spa for lunch and a chance to play in the Dead Sea. Some students covered themselves with mud, others floated in the Dead Sea, while others enjoyed the indoor sulphur pool and a brave few did all of the above.
After our relaxing afternoon we ascended from the Dead Sea to Jeruslaem. We marked our entrance into the city with a brief ceremony and bracha on Mt. Scopus (Har Ha tzofim). We finished our evening with a dinner at a delicious hamburger restaurant.
Tomorrow we will explore the City of David and the Old City.
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