Echad “One”

We embrace each student’s distinct character and foster self-knowledge, creative and critical thinking, collaboration and communication - essential 21st century competencies fundamentally grounded in Jewish tradition. Faculty are exceptional mentors who know each student and reinforce that mathematical and scientific advances promote the general welfare of humanity, that powerful writing must serve the greater good, and that Jewish text study has practical applications in knowledge acquisition, professional arenas and interpersonal relationships.
Jewish Community High School of the Bay
1835 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
Phone: 415.345.9777
JCHS is grateful for generous operational, programmatic, and financial support from:
The Jewish Community High School of the Bay (JCHS) is a unique college preparatory high school committed to integrating deep learning, universal wisdom, and Jewish values. We empower each student to embrace her or his Jewish identity, generate empathy and compassion, delight in lifelong education, and improve the world.