Senior Keystone Projects

Ma'ayan Epstein '17

Senior Thesis Topic: Moses Maimonides and the Connection Between Soul and Body

Senior Keystone Project: Using Exercise to Fight the Power

Keystone Presentation Date: Thurs., May 25, 8:50-9:45 am

For my Keystone project, I wrote a paper about the empowerment of exercise. Being in touch with your physicality gives you balance and a level of self awareness that you only get when you’re in a real relationship with yourself, you can (and should) use your body to develop self sufficiency and confidence and have a holistic, well rounded sense of self. The problem is that society does not place a value on engaging physicality, and humans are more sedentary than ever. People have no idea that this is harmful, because it is what is normal for them. The second half of my paper analyzes social systems and social revolutions, looking at existentialism and the feminist/women’s health movement for models of making effective change in an oppressive system.

Comic on Why I Like Exercise (my secondary mode)
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