Senior Keystone Projects

Max Kuznetsov '17

Senior Thesis Topic: Jewish Opinions on Euthanasia

Senior Keystone Project: Developing a Video Game with Only C++

Keystone Presentation Date: Mon., May 22, 8:50-10:05 am
For my Keystone, I started development on a video game made with as few resources as possible. Most of the focus has been on the “low level” aspects of developing, mainly working on the engine running all of the logic and processing behind the video game. My primary mode is the video game itself and my secondary mode is a research paper on the effectiveness of different methods of structuring data in game engines.

I've created the whole thing from the ground up using only C++ and a couple helper libraries. More of the work went into the game engine rather than any content, hence the game itself is pretty basic.
Some info to know before clicking on the download link:
  • The game only works on Windows (if anybody wants a Linux build contact me).
  • I have yet to get an artist, so the game looks sort of...sloppy. More work was done on backend and not visuals.
  • Controls are: WASD for movement, left and right arrow keys for shooting.1, 2, or 3 to switch weapons.
  • There are only 13 levels.
Here are the download links:

It also requires the MSVC C++ 2017 Redistributable, here is the link to download that:
If you would like to look at the source code, you can download it here:!JCgxgSQL!ijYUWnW1zxn0Kr_cjzs4TE3rcFKxutByKY9XQj40OQk

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