Senior Keystone Projects

Ethan Seder '17

Senior Thesis Topic: Views of Life After Death and How Religious Beliefs Affect Quality of Life

Senior Keystone Project: Creating an Electric Bicycle

Keystone Presentation Date: Tues., May 23, 8:50-10:05 am

My Keystone project is about alternative forms of transport.  I decided to take an old bicycle of mine and put a range extender motor on it. I got the idea originally when I was in Australia biking usually around 25 to sometimes as high as 60 kilometers a day on my bike, which could take two to five hours. Although it was great exercise, sometimes that became really draining. Here in the Bay Area, I'm stuck in traffic a lot. I drive all three bridges every day--a 50 to 60-mile commute. Alternative forms of transport like putting a range extender on my bicycle, would allow us to reduce traffic. When I want to get that physical effort, I can switch the motor off. But when I get tired, I can turn that motor on and  get from point A to point B much faster.
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