JCHS empowers students

A Message From Our Head of School

Rabbi Howard Jacoby Ruben

At JCHS, we celebrate our students’ diverse backgrounds and teach students how to engage others in respectful debate, appreciate divergent points of view, and advance the critical thinking skills essential for becoming constructive citizens. Our community is built upon the belief that the knowledge, leadership skills, self-assurance, and personal connections built in high school create a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime.

Relationships are everything! It is through those relationships, even (especially) online that JCHS students are empowered to cultivate new and existing passions, take healthy risks, and become the best version of themselves. 

Our academic and extracurricular programs inspire students to stretch their capacities inside and beyond the classroom. The JCHS community is small by design, allowing us to embrace each student’s distinct strengths and provide the kind of attention that helps each student to thrive. Our remarkable educators affirm, encourage, and challenge all students to integrate varied perspectives and sources of wisdom.

After four years at JCHS, our alumni stand out for their unique capacity to integrate a deeper sense of their identity, their delight in lifelong learning, their empathy for others, and their passion for improving the world.

We warmly invite you to learn about the ways in which JCHS empowers students — academically, spiritually, ethically, creatively, and physically.


Rabbi Howard Jacoby Ruben
Head of School