Hear from our Parents

How has JCHS helped to empower your student?

Noa and Moti Beharav, parents of Eden (’25) and Zoe (’27)

At JCHS, my kids feel appreciated and valued. Through academics and interactions with their teachers and other peers, they collect moments of experience and triumph that often provide opportunities for great learning. This encourages them to try new things and to come up with ways to advocate for themselves. They are able to try new things they are passionate about such as joining a sports team, initiating an event or leading a class. JCHS is a safe space to stretch your abilities and learn about your wishes and limits, as you’re on your journey of growing into the adult version of yourself.

Vicky Keston, mother of Ben (’26)

My son loves STEM subjects and entered JCHS accelerated in math. JCHS placed him in the perfect math class that gave him interesting challenges and intellectual classmates. They also offered an AP Computer Science class. He continues to love the advanced science and math classes at JCHS, and is also growing his skills in humanities. The service learning opportunities have also been fantastic! 

Kerry Barlas, mother of Ryan (’25)

The teachers and community at JCHS have been instrumental in empowering our son. They’ve helped him recognize his strengths, encouraged his interests, pushed his edges, and created a sense of belonging. It has been a joy to witness our son’s growth at JCHS as he continues to develop and become more of his true self. 

Peddie Arneson, mother of Sam (’19) and Sadie (’22)

JCHS inspires and emboldens our children to be their best selves with an eye always on practicing Tikkun Olam. My Sam and Sadie have learned that showing up is not all that matters; having an intention followed by action by DOING is where the learning and growing occur. To push past what they thought was possible all the while being gently supported by their teachers and administrators. It’s a collective endeavor at JCHS and knowing that they, as students, and us, as their parents, are wholly supported every step of this journey creates an environment where learning and laughter flourishes.  

Marci Dollinger, mother of Rebecca (’14) and Shayna (’18)

JCHS has provided a nurturing, caring and academically rigorous environment for both of our daughters to thrive and be their best selves. The teachers know each and every student and care about their learning. The girls have been challenged academically and feel supported as they learn and grow and take on new experiences. JCHS has been a gift to our family, and we all feel so lucky to be part of this warm and caring community.

Holvis Delgadillo, father of Aviv (’14) and Soluna (’16)

I have had two kids go through JCHS. They are two totally different kids with different levels of learning capacity, different levels of engagement, and different goals in life. JCHS has been able to accommodate each of my kids’ needs at their individual level. At JCHS, my two kids have been able to excel at their own capacity. JCHS has made them think about how the world is not about them, but that the world is composed of a rainbow of colors, a world full of many different flavored candies, a world with valleys and peaks, a world with sweet rivers and salty oceans. 

JCHS has opened my kids’ minds in a totally different way compared to how we raised them. They are seeing the true colors of the world, where some colors are more relevant than others, where life is not sweet at all time, where they will encounter the good and the bad in life. My kids, through JCHS’ way of teaching, have been able to understand that they will go through their ups and downs in life. JCHS made each of my kids a better person.