Theater Tech at JCHS

With a hands-on approach to theater tech, our students gain direct experience in designing and creating lighting, sound, props, costumes, and sets for JCHS Drama productions and more.  

Student tech crew members have the opportunity to use a level of technology that allows for tremendous flexibility and creativity in their designs.

Under the guidance of our theater’s technical director, JCHS students design and run a variety of events, from musicals to dramas to play festivals. They acquire experience ranging from basic carpentry skills necessary to construct sets to a fundamental understanding of lighting and sound systems, basic color theory and the elements of good sound design.

Multiple lighting control systems enable our lighting design students to master professional techniques used in theaters worldwide. Allen & Heath and Mackie sound systems provide our sound design students with the ability to create any soundscape, sound effect, or score they can imagine.

JCHS students are also integral to the teams that create the costumes, props and sets for our productions, working directly with theater professionals to achieve the vision of the director. The expertise they gain in our theater tech program serves them well in technical production work and indeed, many students have gone on to pursue professional opportunities in college and commercial arenas.