Music at JCHS

The JCHS music program is designed to increase the skill and performance level of each student and to develop aesthetic and cultural values through critical listening.  

Music is an essential part of life at JCHS from informal singalongs during the Shabbaton and Journeys to formal courses offered through the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Students may find opportunities to perform at Hakhel, our weekly all-school gathering, or as a band member for the fall musical, during the Student Coffeehouse, and during our annual Arts Review program. You’ll also frequently find students simply hanging out in the Courtyard with their instrument and playing music as a way to unwind.

Instrumental Ensemble

The JCHS Instrumental ensemble is open to any musician with a basic level of proficiency on their instrument. Over the past few years, our ensemble has featured a mix of wind, string, and keyboard instruments as well as vocalists. Regular community performances feature a mix of musical selections, ranging from soundtracks to video games and movies, popular music, and concert music, each arranged for the specific instruments in the ensemble at the time.

Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble is a course for singers to express themselves and improve their ensemble skills. Open to all students, regardless of music experience, the class offers a chance to work on music from a wide range of sources and styles, including popular, concert, and religious music. In past years, the JCHS Vocal Ensemble has performed during community-wide celebrations as well as at public events.