Physical Education

The Physical Education program at JCHS reflects the school’s desire to develop the whole student.

Our goal is to have each and every JCHS student leave with an appreciation for the benefits to mind and body of a program of regular physical activity and with a love for one or more types of activities that they look forward to continuing with beyond their high school years.

Most JCHS students experienced middle school PE as a class that met during the school day several times per week. This traditional model of PE is still the norm in many high schools. At JCHS, our PE program is almost entirely an after school based program. Our focus is on accomplishing the end result, a student who is physically active with an appreciation for the role that physical fitness will play in their life in college and beyond.

Each student must meet the PE requirement at JCHS for graduation (1.5 credits). There are three ways a student can receive PE credit at JCHS. 

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Physical Education Credit Options

Participation on a JCHS team fully meets the PE requirement. Students can earn 0.5 credits per season. If a Student/Athlete were to become injured during the course of a season he or she is still expected to attend all team events in order to obtain PE credit. 

If a student needs additional time to focus on academics above and beyond the average of their team members and if this leads to missed team events, this could lead to the Student/Athlete not obtaining their PE credit. The decision on whether they will or will not receive their PE credit will be based on their actual amount of participation on the team as determined by the Coach, Athletic Director, and Co-Dean of Students.

This option provides for students to receive PE credit for activities outside of school that they are engaged in (such as club teams or dance programs) or allows for students to pursue athletic activities outside the scope of the interscholastic program (horseback riding, hockey, gymnastics). Basically, any activity that requires physical exertion can qualify as an alternate activity.

Requirements for Independent PE

  1. A contract—a piece of paper that explains what the activity is, where it will take place, when it will take place, who the supervising adult is (it cannot be a parent) and how to contact that individual. The supervising adult must sign the contract along with the student.
  2. An activity log—a list of the days that the activity was completed along with the initials of the supervising adult. These documents are available in the athletic office and due dates for these items are posted on the PE bulletin board (or available in a hand-out). A minimum of 30 hours is required per semester to earn 0.5 credits of PE.

Students can earn 0.5 PE credits for any musical involving enough dancing to meet the criteria of Independent PE (i.e., 30 hours). Students can earn a maximum of 0.5 credits towards their graduation requirement for participating in a musical. The Drama Director, in consultation with the Athletic Director determines whether or not a specific musical meets the requirements of Independent PE.