More than half of the students attending JCHS live outside of San Francisco. We are committed to making our students’ commutes to JCHS easy and efficient.


We encourage families to consider coordinating carpools with families in their region. The family portal provides you with an easy way to visualize what families are nearby and provides you with their contact information. Secure parking in our parking garage is available to student drivers in the 11th and 12th grades at no cost. Students must apply for a parking spot with the JCHS Security Staff.

Public Transportation

We are centrally located near a number of MUNI lines including the 5, 22, 24, 31, 38, and 38R routes. Students who plan on using BART are advised to purchase a Student Clipper Card from Clipper Customer Service

We are pleased to note that San Francisco MUNI is now free for all youth 18 and under. Proof of payment on MUNI is not required from youth who appear to be 18 years and younger, although youth 16 and above are encouraged to carry a student ID or other form of ID for age verification. 

Our students often form commute groups, which provides them with a way to develop supportive relationships with one another across grades.

JCHS Shuttle Program

JCHS contracts with a private charter service to provide convenient morning service to students living in the East Bay. Morning pickups are available in Berkeley and Oakland for transportation service directly to JCHS.

2024-25 Cost:
Annual One Way – $2,500 for a full year

JCHS contracts with a private charter service to provide convenient round-trip bus service to students living in Marin County. The bus operates daily with one morning and two afternoon schedules.

2024-25 Cost:
Annual Round Trip – $4,500
Annual One Way – $2,500

Transportation options for students living in the South Peninsula vary from year to year depending on interest and need.