At JCHS, our students are inspired by teachers who challenge them to explore and open their minds, through a blend of classroom and experiential learning that inspires creativity, critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the world.

Learning with others has a long tradition in Judaism and is embodied in the practice of chevrutah, or partner study. Through a process of talking, listening, questioning and mutual support, students learn the content of their classes, and more importantly, how to become independent learners. While not all JCHS classes use the traditional chevrutah method, this spirit of collaborative and student-centered learning is at the heart of our program.

In our Arts, Humanities, Jewish Studies, Math, Science, and World Language classes, students engage in a broad-based curriculum of required classes and have the opportunity to explore interests more deeply through diverse elective offerings. Many classes are designed with opportunities for students to integrate their knowledge across disciplines in ways that deepen students’ understanding of course content and of themselves.

Through working together in classes, on playing fields, traveling on Journeys, and in the theater, JCHS students and faculty create a genuine community of learners.

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