Clubs & Student Organizations

Whether their interests lie in creating a school fashion show, building robots, or discussing contemporary social issues, all students are encouraged to find an outlet for their creativity and passions.

Each fall, JCHS hosts a Club Fair where students can join clubs and start new ones, including clubs focused on creating a product (like a literary magazine, Yearbook, or monthly “JTV” episode) or finding support around a shared identity or interest (like the Gender & Sexualities Alliance and the Young Republicans.)


  • App Maker Club
  • Art Club
  • BBQ Club
  • Book Club/ Read Together
  • Chess Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Fashion Club 
  • Frisbee Club
  • Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA)
  • JCHS Students for Progressive Reform
  • JTv
  • Lit Mag
  • Marvel Club
  • Observer
  • Robotics 
  • Scrabble/Board and Card Games Club
  • Smash Ultimate Club
  • Speech and Debate
  • Student Advisory board (StAB)
  • Student Tech Internship
  • Yearbook
  • Young Inventors 
  • Young Republicans 

Va’ads – Community Engagement Committees

Environmental & Gardening Club (E-Va’ad) – “Greening” the school, the neighborhood, and the larger community through gardening and other volunteer work.

Fashion With Compassion – A chapter of the larger non-profit organization, Fashion with Compassion. At the end of the year, the club will put on a Fashion with Compassion fashion show and fundraising event; which, includes a runway show, that is followed by a vendor sale. 95% of the proceeds go to a charity of our choice based in Israel and the remaining five percent go to the fashion with compassion organization. This is a student-wide initiative that hopes to engage the entire JCHS community. 
Flashmobs for Change
 – Club members rehearse a dance number. Those students perform that dance number at a public location unannounced, and other students circle the area with buckets where people can donate money to a chosen charity.

Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA)
 – Educating and advocating for the rights of LGBT people and celebrating our own community.

Interact – International aid and humanitarian service as part of the national Rotary Club.

JFCS Va’ad (Jewish Family & Children’s Services) – Volunteering with Jewish Family & Children’s Services to serve the elderly, housebound, youth, new immigrants, and other populations in need.

Multicultural Youth Council – Creating a forum for interfaith dialogue within JCHS and the larger community of the Western Addition.

STAND (Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) – Empowering JCHS students with the tools to fight genocide around the world.

Student Alliance for Israel (SAFI) – Celebrating Israel and educating the JCHS community on issues related to Israel.

Village Project Tutoring – Tutoring youth in the Western Addition.

BIA Clubhouse (Behavioral Intervention Association) – Supporting an after-school program for autistic youth to engage in fun activities and practice different social skills.