Student & Jewish Life

JCHS’ student life program encourages each student to explore his or her passions, celebrate Jewish traditions, and participate in shaping our school community.  

Our student life program includes the following components:

We support full participation in JCHS student life by offering our students:

  • Supportive services, including a special program for freshmen
  • An award-winning kosher lunch program, which serves healthy meals daily
  • Transportation options that make students’ commutes easy and efficient

At JCHS, people really strive to see the whole person. Because we are such a small community, you’re able to really take time to look at a person and really learn about them instead of just passing them by or brushing them off and that’s something that’s been really important for me here – I feel very “seen” and I think that’s something I’m going to take with me: the patience to really look at someone when you meet them for the first time and really try to understand them, what makes them tick, and the understanding that they are a human in the community that you are entering. –  

Addey Dominguez ‘16