Filmmaking and JTv

Students interested in the video arts can find numerous opportunities to pursue their passion at JCHS.  Through our Filmmaking course, students can master the basic grammar of this art form.  Students work with Adobe Premiere (provided by the school) in a hands-on approach that not only encourages creative expression, but also exposes students to the craft and technique of film through the movies of some of the most important filmmakers of the last 100 years.  They’ll study classics such as Jaws (1975, Dir: Spielberg), Casablanca; (1942, Dir: Curtiz), and contemporary films such as Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019, Dir: Talbot) and apply what they learn to the creation of four to five original short films.

Those wishing to continue can enroll in Honors Filmmaking, which is an honors level course.  This class builds on the foundations acquired in Filmmaking, encouraging students to organize complex team projects while experimenting with a breadth of narrative and stylistic choices.  Films viewed in this course include The Godfather, (1972, Dir: Coppola), Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962, Dir: Varga), and Yojimbo (1961, Dir: Kurosawa).

Some advanced film students have continued to add to their portfolios through internships and by creating work for the broader JCHS community and JTv.

JTv is the student-produced newscast of the Jewish Community High School of the Bay. Students, who may participate as on- or off-air talent, learn the journalism, editing, and production skills necessary to create an ongoing newscast. Among the roles that students take on for JTv are: writer, producer, director, anchor, cameraperson, sound engineer, and editor.

Selected Filmmaking work

Me in a Minute

If you had 60 seconds to describe yourself what would you include? Exclude? What storytelling techniques would you employ to get your message across and keep your viewer engaged?

Created by Levi E. ’21

Created by Aron T. ’22


How would you sell a product to today’s audience?  What marketing techniques would you use? Are you selling a specific product, a lifestyle, or a brand?

Created by Eran P. ’24

Created by Nate R. ’23

Created by Laish D-W. ’24

Created by Yaara H. ’23