Add/Drop Period
The 2023-24 schedules for students are now available on the JCHS Portal and Google Classroom. Students who wish to make changes to their schedule may do so during the Add/Drop period. Students may add or change a course during the first fifteen days of the school, August 24 through September 14.

 Students who are enrolled in eight courses have until Friday, September 22 to drop a course.

All students must fill out an Add/Drop Form and get the appropriate signatures to have their request processed. Once an Add/Drop Form is turned in, a student must continue attending their original classes until the Registrar notifies the student, parents/guardians and teacher via email that the requested course has been added or dropped. Add/Drop requests will be approved based on available space and schedule.

Forms will be available at Ms. Bregman’s desk starting on the first day of school following Grade Meetings.