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JCHS is a unique high school experience that offers teenagers an engaging and inspiring learning community that encourages them to affirm and embrace their Jewish identity, even as it empowers each individual on their journey toward becoming a responsible, informed, thoughtful, empathetic citizen empowered and inspired to improve the world.  

At JCHS, education is not just about learning facts and figures. We want our students to look deeper, to really engage meaningfully with the subjects they study, whether it’s chemistry, or history, Tanach or Spanish, robotics and engineering or playwriting. We want them to be unafraid to ask big questions. In the tradition of a Jewish culture of inquiry, we teach our students ways to ask the world why, even as they explore the ways in which they can ask themselves, “why not?”

We are committed to creating a truly pluralistic community, an environment in which students can follow their passions, challenge themselves academically, try, fail, succeed and learn--all in a warm and balanced school in which every individual is seen and respected for the things that make them unique. Our students identify as Jewish in many different ways. We welcome students with a variety of Jewish backgrounds, religious observances and practices and JCHS students come from all over the Bay Area, a variety of public and private schools, and a diversity of family configurations.
We welcome you to attend to one of our Open Houses, schedule a campus visit, ask questions of our students, parents, teachers and staff to learn about our school.  We would also love to see you at our athletic games and drama productions.  

Choosing a high school is an exciting process.  We encourage you to be yourself, keep an open mind, and take the opportunity to get know our community.

The 2021-2022 admission information will be available in July/August. 

Mary Ellen Hunt
Director of Admissions & Marketing 

Admissions Team

Mary Ellen Hunt
Director of Admissions & Marketing
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Leslie Ticktin
Associate Admissions Director
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Masha Kouznetsova
Admissions Assistant
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Brandon Davis

Marketing & Outreach Associate
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Keena Golden 
Project Manager
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The Jewish Community High School of the Bay (JCHS) is a unique college preparatory high school committed to integrating deep learning, universal wisdom, and Jewish values. We empower each student to embrace her or his Jewish identity, generate empathy and compassion, delight in lifelong education, and improve the world.