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“What really made my JCHS experience amazing was the relationships I had with my teachers. Not only did they care about me succeeding in the classroom, but they really cared about me as a person.”

Ethan Finestone ’20
University of Michigan

“What I love at JCHS was that every student matters.”
Ellie Grintsaig ’19
UC Santa Cruz

“Not only is JCHS a place where you can be yourself, it’s a place where you can discover who you really are.”
Rabbi Joshua Buchin
Jewish Studies Teacher

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We want to get to know you! Throughout the fall, we invite you to join us for  one of our weekly Wolf Wednesdays and meet our educators and students in a warm, relaxed virtual meet up. Click on the Ravenna link on the left to create or log in to Ravenna, explore JCHS, and register for an event.

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