JCHS Open House: Thursday, October 17, 2021

Thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us at the JCHS Virtual Open House on Sunday, October 17, 2021!

The Open House featured presentations (Part I) and transitioned into a Breakout Room session (Part II). 

Part I Program
We shared an overview of our academic programs, an insight into student life, a tour of JCHS, and a student panel discussion. 

  • “A Day in the Life at JCHS”
  • Mary Ellen Hunt, Director of Enrollment Management
  • Leslie Ticktin, Director of Admissions
  • Jennifer Sturgill, Chair, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Tamar Rabinowitz, Dean of Jewish Studies & Hebrew
  • Rose-Ellen Lessy, Chair, Humanities
  • Dr. Cecily Burrill, Dean of Math & Science
  • Robin Gluck, Librarian, EVERlab and Keystone Leader; Evan Wolkenstein, Director of Experiential Education and Jewish Studies Teacher
  • Lauren Cook, Dean of College & Gap-Year Advising with Student Panel 
  • Rabbi Howard Jacoby Ruben, Head of School 

Short Break

Part II Program

As always, we encourage you to ask our students and teachers questions about classes, subjects, and student life! 

Breakout Rooms
• Humanities
• Science/Math
• Jewish Studies
• Experiential Programs/EVERlab
• Visual & Performing Arts
 • Athletics
 • World Languages
• College & Gap-Year Advising

JCHS Admissions Downloads

If you have any questions about how to join our virtual events, please email us at admissions@jchsofthebay.org. We look forward to connecting with you!