What It Really Takes to Put on a Show

Faina C., Class of 2012
In order to prepare for a fun and exciting trip to London, and Scotland to perform our own adaption of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, there was a lot of work to do involving fundraising and getting the word out!

Aside from rehearsing everyday after school from the production of Metamorphosis, the company has been meeting every Thursday during lunch to discuss fundraising opportunities to raise $5,000 as our share for the trip. Everyone almost instantly agreed on a “talent show” sort of thing, because we as a group decided, that being on stage is what we do best.

So we began to discuss logistics of the event at hand, and after a lot of back and forth talk about what the event should be called and what people would perform, we came up with An Evening For Edinburgh in honor of the city in Scotland that the Fringe festival will be taking place. The company didn’t have as much time as we would like to prepare for this event so most of the planning and rehearsal had to be done on our own time.

The Show was slowly starting to form as people slowly began to choose songs they wanted to sing, monologues and short scenes they wanted to do, and comedy bits they wanted to tackle! Everyone’s input during the lunches was really helpful for the event, and helped shape it. Everyone in the company was entitled to help prepare for An Evening For Edinburgh in the way that they were assigned. I was fortunate enough to take on the big role of Productions Assistant!

When Noah Goldstein (stage manager) first informed me of my part in the show, I was extremely confused as to what exactly I was supposed to do as production assistant. Almost Immediately that night I received an e-mail (that Micah Fenner and Noah Goldstein very nicely created and customized specifically for the whole Scotland company) telling me specifically in details what I needed to get done to complete my job, the information was very helpful, although there was a lot to do in so little time!
Some of the tasks at hand that I had to get done for the fundraiser were setting up meetings with Maura Feingold to discuss marketing for the event. We began to talk about designing and printing flyers, posting the event in the Week ahead, sending out “save the date” emails to the whole Jewish community, getting the event posted in the “J!” and announcements at hakhels! I also had to talk to Jeremy Cole to figure out the timing situations for the show, calendar updates for the school, reserve rooms for needed rehearsal space, food arrangements and reasonable prices, ticketing, and where the reservations will be sent to!

All of this was a lot to take in, so I asked a couple of people to help me with this process. The hakel announcement was a fun and original song to the tune of “So Long Farewell” that was written by our very own Jake Rosenberg and Sophia Wilkof! The school really enjoyed this creative way of getting the word out! As the days got closer to the actual evening, the crew really got their “acts” together and pulled off an incredible show! I’d like to congratulate everyone who put in their hard work and effort to helping the Scotland company with their generous donations at Evening for Edinburgh!
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