"What Now?"

Talia B, Class of 2012
At this point, you wouldn't think that there's a lot to blog about. School rehearsals are over. School performances are over. Even our Israel in the Gardens mini-performance is over. We won't start rehearsing again until August, we won't be performing for 39 days (from June 29th, when I'm writing this), and we won't leave for Scotland for 43 days. Yes... we're keeping count.

So why write a blog entry?

Because we're still around, and we still have a story waiting to be told.
Technically, every member of the cast is supposed to review his or her script regularly over the summer, running lines and going over blocking. Of course, I don't know how many cast members are actually that vigilant. Probably our knowledge of the script is disappearing from our minds as you read this entry. But just because our lines are fading doesn't mean that the ensemble is gone. Far from it. In fact, we still have one last push to go before we head to Scotland.

On August 7, we will be performing a short excerpt of the play at the 2011 San Francisco Theater Festival. Unlike our Israel in the Gardens performance, we'll actually be indoors this time. But like our Israel in the Gardens performance, we'll have to perform on a completely new and unfamiliar stage, probably much smaller than the one we're used to. We'll have to alter our performance to match our surroundings, maybe going without some props or set pieces. Basically, we'll have to make a lot of things up as we go along, just like we will in Scotland. (Which is not good for me personally, because I wasn't actually in the Israel in the Gardens performance and have no practice with this sort of thing.)

But I'm confident that we'll make it. We've gone this far, and we'll be going even farther. We've stayed after school until 8:00 pm, we've done 9-to-5 rehearsals on Sundays, and we've gone over Act II so many times that my feet still ache when I think about it. Even though we only have a week of rehearsals before this particular performance, the play is so indelibly stamped in our memories that I'm sure we'll have no problem pulling it all together. Maybe a few people will have forgotten their lines, but the play itself will remain with us for a long, long time.

So, in summary: I'm writing this blog entry because we still have a long road ahead of us - even before we set foot in Edinburgh - but we'll schlep along like we've always done. We're still actors, we're still an ensemble, and more importantly, we're still here.

(And we really can't wait to go to Scotland.)
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