Performing in Edinburgh

Noah G., Class of 2011
Putting on a show in a foreign country with a (mostly) foreign audience requires a lot of work. While we have spent the last week in Edinburgh seeing countless other shows, we have also spent a considerable amount of time promoting out own.

The street that makes up the center of the Fringe Festival, known as the Royal Mile, is where most theater companies do their Fringe advertising. A series of 10’ x 12’ stages are available for publicity performances of 20 minutes each. With thousands of people strolling the Royal Mile at any given moment, holding a Royal Mile Performance was a no brainer for us.

Everything, however, is a competition for peoples’ attention. Therefore, we had to come up with a way to engage people as they are walking by our stage. The cast spent several rehearsals putting together this publicity performance, which you can see a video of below.

Following our Royal Mile Performance, each company member had 125 postcards to hand out advertising our show. Normally handing out postcards to complete strangers is not the easiest thing, but with our faces covered in black and white makeup, this turned out to be one of the our easier tasks. With their faces in this sort of makeup, cast members have even advertised Metamorphosis to people sitting next to them in restaurants! 

When it finally came time to put on our show, we realized we had reached the moment we had spent an entire year preparing for. We would be performing in the Churchill Theater, the main venue for all American High School Theater Festival performances. With so many shows to put on in the span of a week, the theater operates very efficiently. 

We are given two hours in the space for each performance. We entered the theater, and began setting up. Everything from our projector to our set, from our props to our computers, had to be accounted for. A mere 15 minutes after entering the space, we began the show. Exactly 90 minutes after we began the show, the audience cleared out and we began striking everything we had set up less than two hours earlier. After having been in the space for two hours, on the dot, we vacated the theater.

To perform at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival was an amazing experience. To perform to a sold out audience of complete strangers was incredible.

Today we will put on performance number three, and then get to attend another school’s performance. Stay tuned for a recap of our final 2 performances! 
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