Junior Journey: Layers of History

Rabbi Dean Kertesz
The weather continues to be unbelievably beautiful, clear, pure, blue skies with temperatures in the mid to high 60's.
Today we explored the layers and complexities of Jerusalem. We began our day with a geo-political tour of Jerusalem to develop a deeper understanding of the Israeli/Conflict and the place of Jerusalem in it. Our guide was Elhanan Miller, the Arab Affairs correspondent for the The Times of Israel and Tablet Magazine. We spent two hours learning how the political status of Jerusalem has changed since the UN Partition Plan in 1947 up until the present day. Stops at a check point just outside Behtehem and in the southern Jerusalem suburb of Gilo helped illustrate Mr. Miller's talk. 
After the geo-political tour we went back to the Old City and divided into two groups. One, walking through the Christian Quarter, learned about the Jewish roots of Christianity in Jerusalem. The other group walked along the ramparts of the city's wall around the Armenian Quarter, while learning about the layers of history embodied in the city's architecture.
We all came together in the Jewish quarter for lunch and went to the Kotel (Western Wall) afterwards. We ended with family and friend visits for some students, while the students who did not have visitors went to the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall to eat and spend some free time.
Tomorrow, Yad Va Shem.
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