Jewish Life & Pluralism at JCHS

At JCHS, we take pride in celebrating Jewish traditions and of building a school community inspired by our rich heritage.
We honor our students’ diverse backgrounds, varying levels of religious observance, and distinct life experiences in our community-wide Jewish life initiatives, including all-school holiday celebrations.

Morning Tefillah

Every day at JCHS begins with introspection and reflection centered around the common act of tefillah (prayer).  In our pluralistic community, tefillah takes on many forms. Students begin each morning with 30 minutes of reflection and choose from a variety of tefillah options, ranging from traditional, liberal, and egalitarian to more creative approaches, including art, journaling and yoga. Students are encouraged to try different tefillah options throughout their four years.
    • Transforming Education I: Tefillah at JCHS

Shabbat and Holiday Observance

JCHS students and families of JCHS celebrate Shabbat and holidays in different ways, and the spirit of Shabbat observance is an integral component of our school community.

We have developed a set of guidelines regarding Shabbat and holiday observance at JCHS:

  • Students will not be expected to complete homework on Shabbat or a holiday.
  • No school related business is conducted on Shabbat or holidays.
  • All school programs occurring on Saturday evening will not begin earlier than one hour after the end of Shabbat or the holiday.
  • We support students who wish to take standardized tests on Sunday test dates.
  • We encourage students to plan private parties so as not to coincide with Shabbat or holidays or to arrange a celebration that reflects the spirit and practices of Shabbat.

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