Belfast Kind – Feb, 2016

At the height of The Troubles in Ireland, religion determines who you are and where you can go. Zippy just wants to be normal, but she’s the only Jewish girl at the only pluralistic school in Belfast, caught between friends who are both Catholic and Protestant. Her parents want her to prepare for her bat mitzvah; her friends want her to choose sides. No one understands she just wants to be herself. Zippy just wants to be Belfast kind.

JCHS Drama presents 

Belfast Kind
by Margot Connolly

February 16-18, 2016

at the JCHS Performing Arts Theater
1835 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA
$10 adults | $5 students

Company: Eliana Aiken, Jones Bealum, Ari Denberg, Sabrina Katz, Nathaniel Kreeger, Sasha Manus, Maya Menachem, Olivia Rudd, Yonim Schweig, Ophir Weisberg, Tessa Zitter

Faculty: Nancy Carlin, Amanda Mason, Julie McCormick, Joe McDonald, Dylan Russell, Jen Sturgill

Winner of the 2015 Jewish Plays Project contest.